Jewelry Care Guide

Jewelry Care & Maintenance


At RAMODO JEWELRY, we are committed to providing you with heirloom-quality pieces that will grace your collection for years to come. This comprehensive jewelry care guide equips you with the knowledge to properly maintain your precious RAMODO treasures, ensuring they continue to radiate brilliance.


  • Optimal Safekeeping: Store your jewelry in a designated compartment within a soft-lined jewelry box or a separate velvet pouch. This protects your pieces from scratches, tangles, and potential damage.
  • Environmental Considerations: Shield your jewelry from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and damp environments. These elements can negatively impact the luster and integrity of gemstones, pearls, and plating.

Everyday Wear

  • Chemical Awareness: Avoid exposing your jewelry to perfumes, soaps, and harsh chemicals. These substances can accelerate tarnishing and diminish the brilliance of gemstones. For gentle cleaning, rinse your jewelry with warm water and wipe it with a soft cloth.
  • Chain Care: Handle chains with care, avoiding any pulling or forceful manipulation. When storing chains, utilize a looped form to prevent damage. To preserve the shine of both metals, it is recommended to keep silver and gold jewelry separate.
  • Post-Use Routine: After each use, gently wipe your jewelry with a soft cloth to remove any makeup residue or skin oils. Be mindful that excessive polishing can gradually wear down plating over time.

Water and Activity

  • Preserving Shine: To safeguard the luster and color of your jewelry, it is best to remove it before swimming, showering, or engaging in strenuous exercise. Exposure to water, chlorine, and sweat can potentially cause tarnishing and discoloration.

Specific Care Considerations

  • Pearl Maintenance: Pearls require meticulous care. Avoid contact with soaps, perfumes, and harsh chemicals. For cleaning, utilize a soft polishing cloth specifically designed for pearls.
  • Maintaining Silver Shine: Silver naturally tarnishes over time. To restore its brilliance, utilize a gentle silver polish obtained from a reputable jewelry store.

Additional Tips for Longevity

  • Regular Maintenance: Periodically inspect clasps and locks to ensure they function properly. It is important to acknowledge that gold plating naturally wears down over time. Following these care guidelines will significantly extend the lifespan of your RAMODO jewelry.
  • Understanding Micron Plating: The micron plating on your RAMODO jewelry varies between 2-3 microns, influencing its longevity. You can expect plated earrings to last 2-3 years, while necklaces and rings typically range from 1-3 years.
  • Mitigating Discoloration: Discoloration can arise from wear and tear, environmental factors, and storage practices. To minimize this risk, handle gold-plated and rhodium-plated jewelry with care.
  • Proper Cleaning Techniques: For gold-plated and rhodium-plated jewelry, use a soft, dry polishing cloth to gently remove dirt and prevent gradual wear of the plating.
  • Gemstone Care: Clean pearls with a soft cloth. For gemstones, a gentle brush with warm water followed by drying with a soft cloth is recommended.

    Jewelry Care & Maintenance

By adhering to these comprehensive jewelry care guidelines, you can ensure that your RAMODO jewelry continues to be a source of beauty and radiance for years to come. Should you have any further inquiries regarding the care of your specific RAMODO piece, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to assist you in preserving the timeless elegance of your jewelry collection.


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